Sunday, 10 July 2016

How To Control Your Pc/Computer Just From Your Android Mobile

How To Control Your Pc/Computer/Laptop Just From Your Android Mobile By Using a Software/Application nameTeamViewer.

Other Benefits :-
* From this you can connect easily and also able to share files between pc and mobile.
* Pc Apllication is less than 8mb and android one is about 15mb.
* You can connect easily.
* You can also share your desktop to you friends.
* Even they can control it from just a android mobile (app).
* Easy to Install and Run in PC and Mobile both.
* Easy to Set Up Connections.

Here is the full tutorial on how to control your Pc from Android Mobile with pictures and screen shots.

1. First of all download TeamViewer On Your Pc from Here

2. Then Install and Set Up ( it setting which required ) it .
3. Now Download The ( Android )  Team Viewer from Here
4. Now Install and Open the App .

5. Skip The Itnro by sliding from right to left.

6. Now you will see its asking TeamViewer Id .

7. Fill here your Team Viewer Id from your computer's TeamViewer.

8. To get your Comuter's TeamViewer Id see in the picture Below.

9. Now Enter the Id.

10. Now after connecting its ask for Password,

11. Now enter the password of your Computer's TeamViewer.

12. Now after a bit of loading ... You are connected .

Note :-

* Connection Stability is depend upon the speed of your internet speed, both on PC and Mobile.

* You Can Also SignUp or Simply Sign In in Team Viewer. On both Mobile and Pc . For more functions.

* You can also go to settings and change controling funtions.

* You Can also coonect and control another PC/Computer just like this.

Enjoy..!!! Controling Your PC from your Mobile .And Don't forget to share to your friends. 
If any problem occurs related to this please comment !!!.

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