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25 SEO Technique to become a pro

What’s Up Pals, Welcome To My New Post About 25 SEO Technique to become a pro.So Guyz As U Know Am Not A SEO expert but I’m good at basic technique of SEO.In This Post I’m going to mention Top 25 SEO Technique to become a pro,
25 SEO technique to become a pro

What Is SEO??

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Why SEO Is Important??

As we all know SEO is the only way to getting some “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” traffic from search engine.
According to Moz :“An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, they still can't see and understand a web page the same way a human can. SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users. ”

So, we will discuss more about SEO in our next post for now comment section is all your to ask questions and its time come to our main point of our this post

These Are The 25 SEO Technique to become a pro :-

Before Going to Our Main Post These Things Should Be Remembered-
  • SEO stands for “search engine optimization”
  • SEO divided into two parts “On Page SEO” and “Off Page SEO”
  • On-page SEO covers putting right keywords in right place, ‘site navigation’, ‘content quality’, ‘page loading speed’, ‘your sitemap’ and ‘your internal linking strategy’
1. Title tag of your page is very important. Put your all-important keywords in it. Put your Primary keyword in the starting of title and then your secondary and other keywords. Title tag is core of on page SEO.(Do Keyboard Research For Good Title)
2. Try to make your title as simple as short because short title give better result
3. URL is another important place of on page SEO. Put your primary keyword in URL and don’t make it lengthy 
4. Avoid stop words in URL (e.g. a, an, the etc.)
5. Quality content is backbone of on page SEO. If your content is not of high quality then all your effort that you have put in on page SEO is of no use (Never copy any article of any popular blog for ranking your blog in search engine )
6. Interlinking (linking back your old article) is very important part of on page SEO.(it helps bots to explore your blog)
7. Put your important keyword in ‘Alt’ attribute of image for better image optimization.(never use too much images in one article it will use too much time to load the page and it’s a bad effect for SEO )
8. Use smooth navigation in your blog/website it helps bots to explore your site easily.
9. Broken links are bad for your on page SEO( it affects your search engine ranking)
10. Although Meta ‘Keyword’ tag is no more used by Google to decide your ranking in SERP but still some search engines use it. So don’t ignore it and put your keywords in Meta ‘Keyword’ tag appropriately. Meta ‘Description’ tag is another important area of on page SEO. It improves your CTR(it should be 160 character long)
11. First 50 words are very important of your page. SEO suggests putting your main keyword in that.
12. Off page SEO cover all SEO activities that you do outside of your website to improve its ranking in SERP. Major Off page SEO activity is to get high quality backlinks (links from other websites to your websites/blog) for your website.
13. You can get natural backlinks from forums, directory submission, Press releases, Social book marking sites, social networking sites, local listing and yellow pages websites, guest posts and commenting on other blogs/websites. (Best way to get natural high quality backlink that can improve your website SEO exponentially is to create high quality unique and useful content that people like to reference in their article; because when people add your article/websites as reference then it consider a natural backlink and search engine likes such backlinks.)
14. Recently search engine has started giving value to social signals (e.g. Facebook, like, share, comments or Tweets etc.) Concept for social signal is search engine believes that the content which is shared and liked by people definitely will be of high quality so search engine has started counting social signal as ranking factor in their algorithms.
15. All sponsored ads and link must be nofollow otherwise Google can consider that you are involve in buy/sell backlinks that is against Google Guidelines and can badly affect your sites SEO.

16. Core of search engine ranking algorithm and SEO revolves around backlinks (Link to your site from other websites) & ‘Anchor Text’ (visible part of a link) plays an important role in any backlink.

17. SEO concepts suggest that backlink should be from similar niche sites (e.g. health blog should get backlinks from health blog only not from travel blog) Backlink from high page rank and high authority sites boost your SEO exponentially. So find high page rank websites in your niche 

18. Don’t add thousands of backlink over night as it may put your site under search engine penalty (Webmasters that focus on single keyword as anchor text on their thousands of backlink has been penalized by Google recently for over optimization.

19. If a page has 10 outgoing links then Page Rank link juice will be divided equally into 10 links so try to get backlink from a site which has minimum outbound links. Don’t buy/sell backlinks
20. Commenting on other’s blogs and Guest Posts are natural way to get quality backlinks. Your sites Page rank depends upon number and quality of incoming links.
21. Do follow and No follow both type of incoming links are important for your website/blog. Do follow incoming links bring link juice to your domain that is good for your site SEO and No follow links help search engine bots to explore your site and it brings lots of referral traffic as well
22. If your site has a noindex Meta tag then no search engine will index your website. This is biggest SEO mistake done by most of webmasters.
23. Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) – It help to check your keywords ranking and backlink details. ‘Disavow’ tool in GWT help to remove poor or spam backlinks to your sites. It helps you to protect your website from Negative SEO as well.
24. Create account on different social networking sites (Google+, Facebook Fan page, Facebook groups, Tweeter to share links through tweets etc.) and promote your links/images to get better social signals that improve your off page SEO.

25. For key board research use Google Keyword Tool – It helps you to select most suitable keywords for your website, Google Trend – It helps you to get latest trends that people looking in search engines.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

History Of Programming ( Infographic )

So Guys Welcome To My New Post,Its An Informative Post About Programming Language ☺😏 I Think That EveryOne Who Surf On Web Daily, May Be They Have A Question In Their Mind That How A Web Browser Works,How A Computer Works & Many Other Questions Like These

And They Know That 

Behind Every Application,Software Or Firmware There is A Programming Language,

Here Is Infograph Of  Programming History .For More Comment Bellow .

( Credits : Veracode )

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Flat UI Colours For Design A Responsive Website

So Guys,In This Post I Mention Some Responsive Colors For Design A Flat UI Website.If  U Think About Some Good Colors For Your Website With Good Looking Using Interface Then You Are On The Right Place

Flat UI Colors For Web

As Well As,You Can See This Picture Looks Beautiful Just Because Of Colors. Isnt It ??  Color Play A Much Bigger Part In Human Lives Other Than Just Create Painting,Same In Web Designing Field We Don't Use Colors For Just Give A Better UI But Also It Plays A Big Role In User Experience

So Guys Use This Colors In Your Web Page,Happy Designing .

Flat UI Colors

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Killer Features Of Android Nougat 7.1.1

So Guys Welcome To My Latest Informative Post About Android Nougat 7.1.1,Now A Days Everyone Is Familiar  With Android .When My Post Going To Be Finish You Will Know All Those Killer Features Of Android Nougat 7.1.1 ,

Why So Let ??? Let's Begin...

On August 22, 2016, with Nexus devices being the first to receive the update, though the LG V20 was the first new smartphone released with Nougat.Google Is Alreddy Realesed The Updates For All Other Phones With Marshmallow.

Android Nougat 7.1.1
( Source : Hongkiat )

Android Nougat Have Multi Window Feature,In This Feature Multiple Apps Can Run Simultaneously On Overlapping Windows.Long pressing on apps such as Twitter or Google Maps or Youtube, a small menu that will pop up and show you the actions you can take. By tapping on the action, the app will immediately open and direct you to the corresponding action. 
Isn't It ?? Its A Good Feature ??

For All Social Media Lovers And Who Like To Talk Via Text Messages Nougat Have Introduced Some New Imojis This Is A  Revolutionary Change For Imoji Lovers, 

Isn't It ??

Featurs Of Android Nougat
( Source : Hongkiat )

As part of Google’s stand on gender equality, Nougat 7.1.1 includes a series of new emojis that "reflects the pivotal roles women play in the world." These new emojis depict both women and men in a wider range of professions.  
 Nougat 7.1.1 is currently an over the air software update for the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C and the General Mobile 4G.Through Nougat 7.1.1 update, you can now access app shortcuts directly from your home screen.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Bluetooth 5 Is Coming - What's New ??

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) decided to officially adopt Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the Bluetooth core specification. It will effectively replace the two year older Bluetooth 4.2 specification.

Bluetooth 5
Bluetooth 5
(Source : Bluetooth)

Device with Bluetooth 5 Will Out In Within 5,6 Months It Means 2017 Will Be Awesome For Those Who Use Bluetooth For File Sharing And Other Things.In 2017 Many Device Will Adopted Bluetooth 5.

Lets See The Specification Of Bluetooth 5 :

Longer range, Faster speed, and Larger broadcast message capacity 
The longer range of Bluetooth 5 means that connections between Bluetooth devices can be done at a further distance yet maintaining strong a connection. The increase in broadcast can now send a larger amount of data. The higher speed will lead to more responsive, high-performance devices.

Bluetooth 5

(Source : Hongkiat)

Improved Interoperability and Coexistence with other wireless technologies
Internet of Things (IoT) technology has become more prevalent in everyday life connecting various other wireless technologies in a single location.Adapting to this advancement, Bluetooth include updates that would help reduce potential interference with other wireless technologies, 

Bluetooth 5

allowing Bluetooth 5 devices to coexist with IoT device that uses a different type of wireless technology in the same space.

For More About Bluetooth 5 Visit Here

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Easy Way To Hack Someone's Facebook Account (Facebook Phishing)

I Know Every One Want To Hack Someone's Facebook Account .I Have A Good News For Them Today Am Going To Post Here How To Hack Someone's Facebook Account Using Facebook Phishing In Wapka .

1. First Go To Wapka And Sing Up

2. Log In With Your Wapka Account Scroll Down Now You Can See A Text Like => Site List Click That 

3. Now Create A Site Like

4. Then Go To Manage The Site

5. Now You Can See Two Option At The Top Admin Mode & User Mode

6. Click The Admin Mode Then Your Site Will Opened

7. Go To ::EDIT SITE(#):: 

8. Then Go To (WML/XHTML) Option Then Put The Phishing Code

9. Now Every Thing Is Okay !

Enjoy This Hack If You Having Problem With This Trick Then Comment Bellow

Thanks !

Monday, 12 September 2016

How To Get The Source Of Any Android App !

Hello InHelpWe Readers Today Am Here With A Amazing Trick,Using This Trick U Can Find Any Android Software's Program Files
So here the way To Find Program File Of Any Android App 1. First Go To Your Application File

How To Get The Source Of Any Android App !
Find Source Files Of Android App
2. Then Go To Rename The File

Find Program Files Of Android App
Find Source Files Of Any Android App

3. Now Just Change The Extension .apk To .zip

How To Get The Source Of Any Android App !
Find Program File Of  Any Android Software

4. After All See The Source Of You Selected Android File 

How To Get The Source Of Any Android App !

Visit This Blog Again And Again,Thanks
Have A Great Day

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How To Get Approved AdSense In 2-3 Days

Hi readers!! Today i’m going to Tell you a piece of google adsense approval technique. I hope you are already accomplished many studies about it because it is first on-line money making technique for any blogger. In this Post i’ll share how i get my google adsense approval inside 3 hours. I no longer saying that your account can also be approve with in three hours however in case you comply with the beneath steps then it'll surely going to approve with in every week at max. So let’s begin the tutorial.

A way to get fast google adsense approval

Google adsense: one in all most depended on and satisfactory earning platform for bloggers. Adsense converts your writing ability in to money. Every beginner as nicely professional  bloggers earns from google adsense. In india adsense approval is little tough due to the fact adsense crew is truely strict approximately this service.
Todayday i’m going to percentage the first-class way of get google adsense approval. Desire this could help to amateur bloggers from india and international bloggers additionally.

Adsense approval in 2-3days:

Earlier than going to use for google adsense please ensure you have got accompanied those suggestions different clever there is big chance to get rejection of your utility. Adsense is excessive paying cpc (value in step with click ) platform.

Step by step google adsense approval method:

Minimal posts/articles:
Earlier than going to use please make certain that you have sufficient excellent put up in your blog. There is no fashionable cost of minimum post but 20 to 25 submit will top.
Publish high-quality:
Ensure which you have all first-class article. There ought to not any copyright content material from other web sites. Your pics on weblog need to be optimized and there have to no longer any copyright tag.
Post lengths:
700-800 words is taken into consideration as seo optimize post so earlier than applying google adsense ensure which you have seo optimize posts.
Prohibited internet site niches:
As i already informed you that google adsense team is truely very strict so that you should care earlier than making use of for adsense. Your area have to now not seem like as occasion based or micro niche otherwise there is a chance of rejection.
No 0.33 birthday party ads:
In case you are running any 1/3 party commercials like infolinks or other then your application is probably rejected.
Xml sitemap:
Ensure you've got submitted the sitemap of your website.
Alexa rank:
When you have accurate alexa rank then risk of approval will increase.
Area and electronic mail i.D:
As i already discussed above that your  area call need to no longer seems like as event blog or micro niche weblog. Ensure that your e mail i.D have to seems like professional. I endorse you to create new electronic mail i.D earlier than applying for adsense.
Traffic to you weblog:
You can effortlessly understand that why any advertising and marketing network come up with approval with out traffic to your weblog. Also without site visitors adsense account is vain. Make sure which you have enough fresh/specific traffic from search engine.


Before applying for adsense make sure that your weblog satisfy all above standards. Don’t move for any shortcut tricks to get adsense approval. When you have genuinely right website online layout then honestly your software will be accepted.

How To Find Lost or Stolen Android Smartphone

Whats up pals ! Welcome to my new tested post that help you to discover your misplaced/stolen android telephone. I am hoping that this educational may be very beneficial for those who misplaced their android mobile. In this post i’ll guide you to the way to discover lost/stolen android cellphone. You simplest want to carry out a few easy steps. There's many android apps available on play shop that helps you to find the place of your stolen phone but think you haven't hooked up the ones app as commonly people do.

How To Find Your Stolen Phone

A way to discover misplaced/stolen android cell cellphone
Each android phones include google paly mounted. When you first get entry to to google play then android tool manager will get mounted directly on your phone. Android tool supervisor is pre-established app on each cellphone that remotely manipulate you android device.

Steps to discover lost/stolen telephone:-

While you buy any new android cellphone then make certain that you have activated your android tool /Device manager .

To spark off  Device go to settings →Security → Administrator →Android Device Manager.
Once your android device manager is activated then you can manipulate your cellphone remotely.

For All These Things Got Happened Your GPS Must Be Turn On Always :)
Suppose you've got lost your phone then you definately best need to go to play store and there will a equipment like icon at proper nook.
Click on on tools button within the play store and select android device supervisor choice by means of scrolling it.
Now log in for your google account which might be logged to your stolen telephone
( If You Don't Have Another Smart Phone You Can Also Use PC to Locate Your Phone by Android Device Manager Website,to Access ADM Site You have To Search Android Device Manager on google And Click On first result then Log in there And Locate Your Phone )
When you log in there android device manager indicates the place of your lost telephone inside the google map. It'll also display you the gap between your and that stolen telephone.

There you have got three options:
Ring: this feature will ring your stolen cellphone for five mins on complete quantity even in silent mode additionally. This could most effective not ring if it is switched off.
Lock: this selection will provide you to lock the remote android device so as to ask to set a brand new password.
Erase: this selection will assist you to erase your private information on remote tool. Data could be deleted from internal reminiscence most effective now not from sd card.


After you pick this erase alternative then far flung tool can be factory reset and android device supervisor could be off then you will don't have any similarly control over it.
Wish this text will assist you to discover your lost/stolen android cellphone. Proportion this newsletter with other through which then can also find their cellular phones.
Your notion and remark could be maximum welcomed right here. Don’t be miser in remark. Comment below

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How To Control Your Pc/Computer Just From Your Android Mobile

How To Control Your Pc/Computer/Laptop Just From Your Android Mobile By Using a Software/Application nameTeamViewer.

Other Benefits :-
* From this you can connect easily and also able to share files between pc and mobile.
* Pc Apllication is less than 8mb and android one is about 15mb.
* You can connect easily.
* You can also share your desktop to you friends.
* Even they can control it from just a android mobile (app).
* Easy to Install and Run in PC and Mobile both.
* Easy to Set Up Connections.

Here is the full tutorial on how to control your Pc from Android Mobile with pictures and screen shots.

1. First of all download TeamViewer On Your Pc from Here

2. Then Install and Set Up ( it setting which required ) it .
3. Now Download The ( Android )  Team Viewer from Here
4. Now Install and Open the App .

5. Skip The Itnro by sliding from right to left.

6. Now you will see its asking TeamViewer Id .

7. Fill here your Team Viewer Id from your computer's TeamViewer.

8. To get your Comuter's TeamViewer Id see in the picture Below.

9. Now Enter the Id.

10. Now after connecting its ask for Password,

11. Now enter the password of your Computer's TeamViewer.

12. Now after a bit of loading ... You are connected .

Note :-

* Connection Stability is depend upon the speed of your internet speed, both on PC and Mobile.

* You Can Also SignUp or Simply Sign In in Team Viewer. On both Mobile and Pc . For more functions.

* You can also go to settings and change controling funtions.

* You Can also coonect and control another PC/Computer just like this.

Enjoy..!!! Controling Your PC from your Mobile .And Don't forget to share to your friends. 
If any problem occurs related to this please comment !!!.

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